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Sophie offers commissioned works for educational or performances purposes and provide musical scores and parts. Recent works include:

'Pomegranate Seeds'  a ten-piece work for the 2020 Emerging Composers Awards and the 2021 Sydney Women's Jazz Festival supported by SIMA and APRA AMCOS, has performed by Pharos. 

'Intertwined Trees' , a nonet piece work for my debut to the prodigious 10th anniversary International jazz festival in Perth, which has performed by We Made a Thing! supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.


Pharos (Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival).jpg


Commissioned work for Sydney 
International Women's Jazz Festival
2020 / Funded by SIMA and

Pharos performing at Foundry 616 for the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival in 2021, Sydney Australia. Image © Shane Rozario.

"The world premiere of Sophie Min’s Pomegranate Seeds opened the second set, with a hypnotic entrance by Tsamouras on the keys. The piece also displayed James’s energetic originality on the bass, as she carved the strings with her bow with an understated cool quintessential to the jazz greats. Min, a Brisbane-based pianist and composer who won SIMA’s APRA Emerging Composers Mentorship in 2020, embarks on a sonic inquisition in her piece, moving from staid harmonies to unsettlingly eclectic fusions of traditional metres and kaleidoscopic dallies exploring different textures and layers. It’s both nerve-wracking and rapturous to hear. By the end, one feels purged of any certainty of what jazz ought to do or say. There is no command but the command of one’s own flourishing uncertainties, the piece seems to be saying."

- Jessi Tu, Limelight Magazine Nov 2021


Commissioned work for
International Jazz Festival 2022/
Funded by PIJF We Made A Thing

We Made a Thing Nonet performing 'Intertwined Trees' live at Rechabite Main Hall, 2022 Perth International Jazz Festival, Perth Australia.

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