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Sophie Min is a Brisbane-based pianist, composer, and improvisor whose work shows a distinctive personal aesthetic and one of the most outstanding young jazz musicians in Australia. Her accolades include ABC Jazz Emerging Talents of the Year, Australian Jazz Bell Awards, SIMA and APRA AMCOS Emerging Composers Fellowship, QMusic Awards, and the Freedman Fellowship. Sophie has performed worldwide with the JM Jazz World Orchestra (EUR), the Centrum Jazz Port Townsend Workshop (US), Banff Workshop (Canada), Basel International Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Perth International Jazz Festival, Wangaratta International Jazz Festival, Melbourne’s Kawai Piano Series Concert and Sydney Women’s Jazz Festival. She has also written several commissions including We Made a Thing Nonet Project 2022 (WA) and Emerging Composers Program 2020 (NSW). 

Her latest project, Sophie Min Orchestra (SMO), is a collective chamber jazz ensemble that released two albums ‘Your Wings’ (2022) and 'Bellwether' (2020), which have been awarded numerous awards and showcased its expertise to Australian jazz scene. These works depict the innovative ensemble that takes her musical vision to a daring new place with strings, percussions, and modern jazz arranging atmosphere. The recent album ‘Your Wings’ interacts as a multigenre and collaborative work: manipulating artform on choreographic, visual and improvisational art. Sophie is a fierce solo performer pursuing research and activities of improvisation based on sound resonance, harmonic facilities, and rhythmic intricacy. Alongside her solo work, she is also a significant collaborator, releasing music as part of original bands such as Shamin and Forage.

She is now finalising her research project entitled ‘Narrative Driven Practice: the Process of Arranging and Composing Music through Piano Improvisations’ at the Queensland Conservatorium. Her recent mentorship experience includes sessions with Vijay Iyer, Scott Tinkler, Barney McAll and Tyshawn Sorey.



Performance at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, Canada

@photo by Jessica Wittman

"Sophie Min may seem unassuming but when she writes music you witness a lion roar  and you hear and feel a very evolved spirit expressing deep knowledge, passion and the mystery of our human condition" - Barney McAll

"Sophie Min is the truth" - Vijay Iyer

"Your Wings" - Sophie Min Orchestra

Independent Release (2022)
Sophie Min (p/composition), Zac Sakrewski (b), Benjamin Shannon (d), Nozomi Omote (vib/xyl), Flora Wong (vln), Tristan Rogers (tpt), Martin Kay (fl/sax/cl), Hannah Macklin (vox)


"Bellwether" - Sophie Min Orchestra

Real Production (2020)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Zac Sakrewski (b), Lachlan Hawkins (d), Kayleigh Pincott (v),

Tristan Rogers (trumpet), Josh Kehoe (tenor sax/soprano sax/flute/clarinet), Joel Aspinal (tenor sax), Harry Ottley (alto sax/flute/clarinet), Flora Wong (violin1), Julianna Kim (violin2),

Kieran Welch (viola), Briony Lutterell (Cello)

"Solo Vol.1

Supersonic (2020)

Sophie Min (p/composition)

"Open" - The Counters: Sophie Min Trio

Supersonic (2019)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Helen Svoboda (b), Tim Green (d)

"Thanks for the Hands" - Min/Sherlock

Pinnacles Music (2019)

Sophie Min (p/composition), James Sherlock (guitar)

"Fine Gnaw" - SHAMIN

Independent Release (2019)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Benjamin Shannon (d/composition)

"Min/Svoboda/Hawkins" - Min/Svoboda/Hawkins Trio

Independent Release (2018)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Helen Svoboda (b/composition), Lachlan Hawkins (dr)

"Hectic Moon" - Sprout

Supersonic Production (2018)

Helen Svoboda (b/composition), Sophie Min (p/composition), Simon Svoboda (cello)

"From All Sides" - Nimble 

Independent Release (2018)

Sophie Min (p/composition), David Galea (b/composition), Lachlan Hawkins (dr/handpan),

Elly Hoyt (v), Kristin Berardi (v), Tsoof Baras (percussion)

"Move to the Bleat" - Martin Kay's Forage

Supersonic Production (2018)

Martin Kay (as/cl/composition), Andrew Saragossi (ts/acl), Brodie Mcallister (tb),

Sophie Min (p/keys), Helen Svoboda (b), Zac Sakrewski (b/effects), Benjamin Shannon (d)

"Solace" - Kayleigh Pincott Quintet

Independent Release (2017)

Kayleigh Pincott (v/composition), Sophie Min (p), Zac Sakrewski (b), Lachlan Hawkins (d),

Tristan Rogers (Tpt), Kieran T. Stevenson (v)



2022            Nominated for the 2022 Freedman Awards among other 15 artists in Australia

2021            Finalist, Australian Jazz Bell Awards for Best Young Jazz Musicians Category

2020            Winner, APRA AMCOS & SIMA Emerging Composers Composition Commission for Sydney

                     Women’s International Jazz Festival

2020            Scholarship Recipient of National Assistance Program for the Arts, 

                     Sydney Myer Fund & The Myer Foundation

2020            Finalist of the 8th Queensland Music Awards in Jazz Category 

2019            Finalist of the 7th Queensland Music Awards in Jazz Category

2018            1st Place, International Composers Festival, Compfest (VIC)

2018            Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music Scholarship Fund

2017            7 Virtual Jazz Club: Global Contest for jazz musician - Semifinalist 

2016            Academic Excellence Award in Masters of Music Studies, Griffith University

2015            QCGU Owen Fletcher Postgraduate Award in Composition, Griffith University

2015            Centrum Jazz Port Townsend Scholarship (Washington, USA)

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