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Sophie has been worked with a variety of International and Australian musicians as a recording artist, composer and sessional musician by releasing collaborative albums and demonstrating performing practices. Her recent highlight include recordings with Heinrich von Kalnein (GER), Martin Kay's Forage, Nimbles, Kayleigh Pincott, Elly Hoyt, James Sherlock, The Counters, Min/Svoboda/Hawkins Trio and The Riverside. She was a invited musician or opened her own set for stages of Katie Noonan, Dots and Loops, Andrea Keller, Tigran Hamasyan, Matt Macmahon, John Hoffman, Dami Im and Marlene Cummins.

Min/Sherlock Duo

Thanks for the Hands


‘Thanks for the Hands’ is Sophie’s first jazz duet album with the Melbourne based guitarist James Sherlock.
Min and Sherlock launched the album at the 2017 Melbourne International Women’s Jazz Festival, opening for Andrea Keller, and at the Jazz Music Institute. The music captures a delicate sense of beauty and the exciting liveliness of the the two musicians. 

This album features original works that strike a balance between the harmonic properties of the guitar and the piano and represent the emotional journey she have been on in a few years of composing during her  masters study. This collection of works celebrate the idiosyncrasies of Sherlock’s incredible guitar playing. 


Min/Sherlock performing live at the Jazzlab for their album launch at Opening Night supporting Andrea Keller, Melbourne Australia.




‘Open’ is an intimate, open-minded and lyrical album that is the culmination of several improvised jam sessions with Sophie's musical partners Helen Svoboda (double bass) and Tim Green (drums). After the initial discovery of each other's distinctive sounds and tastes, we decided that we wanted to capture the unique energy of the trio on record. The recording took place during an hour-long session at her home studio and was guided by the following aesthetic: ‘the more clearly one hears the room, the more pure the energy is that contours the music’.

"I believe that our collective improvisation captured the intimate essence of the trio by affording us the freedom to be in the moment as we explored the natural ambience of the room, which for Helen and Tim, was the first time they had interacted with the space. The experience was organic, spontaneous and honest. I have named the album ‘Open’ as a celebration of this interaction and how it has broadened my perspective into new forms of creativity. It has enhanced and helped me to further realise my musical vision"


From All Sides


"From All Sides" is the first release for 'Nimble' a collaboration between bassist David Galea, pianist Sophie Min and drummer/percussionist Lachlan Hawkins - together with special guest vocalists Elly Hoyt and Kristin Berardi, and percussionist Tsoof Baras they have created a recording that is steeped in the jazz tradition but designed to push the boundaries of modern jazz.

"Starlight" composed by Sophie Min, performed at JMI Live (Brisbane) as part of the trio's album launch show, 2018. Sophie Min - piano, composition David Galea - electric bass Lachlan Hawkins - drums

This track is entitled "Stepping Back I See" composed by David Galea, and performed at JMI Live.

Martin Kay's

Move to the Bleat


Pincott Quintet



Lachlan Hawkins Group

Lachlan Hawkins

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