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SHAMIN is an experimental jazz duo based in Brisbane, Australia. The group formed off the back of a recording session for Martin Kay’s Forage. SHAMIN explores original composition, unconventional rhythm and timbre drawing influence from Matt Mitchell, David Binney, Dan Weiss, Steve Newcomb, Mark Guiliana, Vijay Iyer and Tyshawn Sorey to list a few. The recent activities of SHAMIN includes their debut shows at the Wangaratta International Festival of Jazz and Blues and Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival in 2022. 


Comprised of Sophie Min on keys and Benjamin Shannon on drums, SHAMIN was established in 2018 and released their first album ‘Fine Gnaw’ in April 2019 on Supersonic Label. This duo seeks a juxtaposition in their improvisational practices and creative aspect, which expands rhythmic division, stretching the original form to a new spectrum and broadening the atmosphere of their energetic live performance. SHAMIN have performed at Australian Online Digital Hall and Kawai Women’s Series and toured Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane at major venues such as Jazzlab, Bohemian Grove, Banshees Bar, JMI, Junk Bar, Bearded Lady, Common House and Black Bear Lodge. The band is expected to release a single album late this year.

Performance Experiences

  • Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues, WPACC Hall (VIC), 2021

  • Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival, Seymore Centre - Supporting Marloo's Blues (NSW), 2021

  • Jazz On a Sunday: Celebrating The Zoo's 30 Years Directed by Katie Noonan (BNE), 2021



  • 1st Place of the International Composers Festival, Compfest (VIC), 2018



  • Debut Album 'Fine Gnaw', Supersonic, 2019


Photos of 'Shamin'

Shamin's Sheet Music


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Album 'Fine Gnaw'

Fine Gnaw


"Sophie Min and Benjamin Shannon are two of our favourite musicians in Brisbane, and when they team up the result is an unstoppable force of fiercely fun, totally virtuosic jazz" - Dots and Loops


Shamin performing 'Barefaced' live at the Old Museum, Dots and Loops 'Nonstop' Event, Brisbane Australia.

Shamin performing 'Barefaced' live at Zac Hurren's Rainbow Studio at the Australian Digital Concert Hall and Kawai Women's Series, Brisbane Australia.

Sheet Music
-selected charts from album 'fine gnaw'

Shamin's Sheet Music

Sheet music for SHAMIN. Digital purchase only.

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