Sophie Min is a Korean-Australian pianist, composer and improvising artist whose work shows a distinctive personal aesthetic and one of the most outstanding young jazz musicians in Australia.

She has featured as one of the emerging talents of Australia on ABC Jazz in 2021 and she has nominated as a finalist of the 2021 Australian Jazz Bell Awards for The Best Young Australian Artists.

Sophie’s work has been performed in Europe, Korea, Canada, Australia and the USA. Sophie is a bandleader and composer of Sophie Min Orchestra. She has also released 5 albums, these recordings investigate a wide range of improvisational practices and Sophie's compositional journey showing her core interest on improvised music and independent sound approaches in the varied small ensembles. Her latest album 'Bellwether' (2020) for the 12-piece jazz ensemble which takes her own musical vision to a daring new place by string and modern jazz arranging atmosphere. Her commissioned work for 2020 Emerging Composers Program by APRA and SIMA. 'Pomegranate Seeds', was mentored by Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Barney McAll and performed at the 2021 Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival.

She enjoys engaging herself with other passionate artists and contributes to concerts, workshops, interviews and community art projects. She has done several commissioned works which include compositions for the Ensemble directed by Sean Jones at the Centrum Jazz Port Townsend Workshop (US), Banff Workshop (Canada), Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival, Brisbane International Jazz Festival, Pharos and EMO big band.​

Recent activities such as earning a position in the JM Jazz World Orchestra for the Europe Tour, and attending the Banff International Workshop, studying with Vijay Iyer, Tyshawn Sorey and Jen Shu have only enhanced her desire to develop a unique voice as a performer and composer. She is currently finishing her masters research entitled ‘Narrative Driven Practice: the Process of Arranging and Composing Music through Piano Improvisations’ at the Queensland Conservatorium and she is also teaching and mentoring the jazz and pop department students with creative approaches and her own strategies.

In May 2022, Sophie Min's 7-piece Orchestra Album 'Wind and the End' will be released. She has some upcoming projects including the 2nd album for her piano and guitar duo Min/Sherlock and experimental jazz duo Shamin's 2nd album and her newly formed quartet alongside local favorite musicians.



"Sophie Min may seem unassuming but when she writes music you witness a lion roar  and you hear and feel a very evolved spirit expressing deep knowledge, passion and the mystery of our human condition" - Barney McAll

"Sophie Min is the truth" - Vijay Iyer

Posted on 26 April, 2022